Customs Broker

What is it?

A customs broker is a professional agent licensed by the government to act on the behalf of an importer or exporter.

In Canada, there are strict laws set out by the CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency). They are fully trained and licensed to follow all of them.


You might be wondering why I even need a Customs Broker?
    • The broker will follow customs regulations
    • They will ensure the goods meet applicable compliance requirements
    • Prepare and process the import and export documentation
    • Submit payments of duties and taxes
    • Clear customs on behalf of their clients
    • Ultimately saving you an awful lot of time and money. You don’t want to miss that one piece of paperwork that stops your shipment at the border after all


Suggested Companies
Here are some of our own recommendations


Livingston International: Long-established brokerage service with many professional brokerage agents.

Cole International: Friendly and professional brokerage, established in the late 1930s.

Preferred Service Customs Brokers: Another long-established family-owned Customs Broker.

Wilson International: Another long-established brokerage, 24/7/365 with expert agents.

Broker Buddy: A new take on customs brokerage using an Intelligent quick quote system allowing you to understand the brokerage cost and connect with a professional brokerage agent right away.

Clearit Canada: Live agents, easy to use website with many customs resources.

Pacific Customs Brokers Inc: These guys will assist with any port of entry and are available 24/7

Quick resource:

A fantastic resource to help you find a Broker from the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)

A great Government resource to find a Broker from the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

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